Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips for Canada 2018!

25 Oct

This year Black Friday will be on Nov. 23rd and Cyber Monday will be on the 26th.

If you haven’t shopped those days before, there’s a lot of great sales on all kinds of stuff.

It’s bigger in the states of course, but every year it gets bigger in Canada too. Black Friday Canada is a week long event now for most stores. There will be deals instore and online – and a lot of smaller stores participate now, not just big box stores.

It’s not only a great time to do your holiday shopping, or score some huge deals – but also think about day to day stuff. Last year we got all of guinea pig supplies half price on Black Friday – not something I had expected to find. Great time to stock up when you find deals on things you’ll be needing anyway. Sometimes just checking out stores you normally shop at for regular day to day stuff can really pay off. Take those savings and spread them out over many months.

Most stores will have a few huge deals, like doorcrasher type specials where you’ll have to wait in line – often really cheap tv’s, Instant Pot specials etc .   Or you might get lucky and get a really good deal online too.

For the doorcrashers, stores have a very small amount of them, so if you have time to wait, it can really pay off. We got a good brand name tv a few years ago for under $100, but the store only had a handful of them. You have to see if the wait time is worth it, vs. the discount.

If you know which stores you’ll want to shop at, make sure to follow them on social media early – most will post up sneak peeks or extra deals on facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

If you’re planning to buy clothing, especially if you’re shopping for others, make sure to have all the sizes in order. Wear an outfit you can quickly try things on with too. Saves a lot of time.

If you’re going to shop online and plan to use prepaid cards, make sure those are activated in advance. Same with making accounts at those stores online before, so that you can just shop and quickly go to checkout. Some deals sell out in minutes – same with watching the times. Some stores deals will go live at midnight, or 2am etc.    See if you can use ebates or other sites to earn some money back before. Especially if you’re planning on shopping online a lot – get organized to get the most rewards possible.

Make sure to follow me on facebook – or if you’re in Manitoba join our facebook group. I’ll be posting up all the best deals, flyers, special events and sales and of course Mall Black Friday hours, and Black Friday store hours too. I will make sure to post all the Black Friday Deals I find!

Do you plan on shopping either day? In person, or online? What kind of Black Friday deals are you looking for? It’s good to get organized early – make some lists of what you’re looking for, gift ideas etc.

Black Friday Winnipeg 2018

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  1. I like doing most of my shopping online. Easier with hound kids at home. Looking forward to seeing what Best Buy has this year. I like to make lists of stores I want to checkout and what I want to look for and what sizes. Saves time.

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