Black Friday and cyber Monday Canada 2020

1 Nov

This year black Friday will be November 27th and cyber Monday will be the 30th.

Things will be pretty different this year – but as in years before I will keep you guys updated with everything I find.

I think this year there will be a lot more online sales of course – maybe more of a combination between cyber Monday and black Friday – merging together in a way.

In the last few years a lot more local stores have gotten involved too – would be great to see more of that this year.

In previous years, it’s always a good time to get deals on electronics, household goods, clothing, pet items and much more.

A good thing to do now is follow any stores you like on social media, that way you’ll be up to date if they’re having any promotions for either day.

Normally stores would have some big door crash items, the kinds of things you would have to wait in line to get. Not sure how that will work this year…. I will of course update for those.

I’m thinking most deals will be online this year, so make sure to be ready to shop for those. If you plan on using apps to find deals like Honey or Rakuten make sure to have accounts ready to go for those. Have all your passwords ready for the website to plan on shopping – if you’re going for really hot deals that go live at a certain time make sure you’re logged in and they have your mailing address etc to save time.

I’m hearing that a lot of stores will still be having deals and promotions, it’s just going to be more last minute and really vary from store to store. Make sure to follow me on Facebook – I will of course keep posting them all up.

If you see any amazing deals, make sure to let me know!

Hopefully there are all kinds of amazing Black Friday Canada and Black Friday Winnipeg sales to look forward to.

How do you think it’ll be this year, and are there any items you’re waiting to buy til then?

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