BJ Supertoys closing sale – everything half price

13 Jan

BJ Supertoys has been the go to place for years for party decorations, loot bag toys and just to look around at all the fun stuff!

I remember going as a kid, and sad to say it’s closing down soon. Everything in the store is half price – and I mean absolutely everything. They are closing in February, but from what I saw today don’t think the stock will last that long. There are some empty sections, but still quite a bit left as of this afternoon.

Tons and tons of Hotwheel sets – didn’t even realize there were that many. Lots of puzzle and games left too. As for the loot bag stuff, there’s not too much left for that. Quite a bit of party decor. Also lots of Polly Pocket, Barbies etc.

If you’re wanting to check this sale out I wouldn’t wait too long – perfect place to stock up on bday party gifts for the year.

And who else has wonderful memories of BJ Supertoys as a kid? Or of bringing your own kids there? It’ll be missed for sure!

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