Big coupon giveaway!! :)

22 Jan

Haven’t done one for a while – time to share some coupons! 🙂

Each winner in this will receive an envelope of my best coupons, yogourt, cream, cheese, cereal, jam, snacks etc – real food coupons!

For 1-99 entries there will be 1 winner, for 100-199 there will be 3 winners and so on.

Here are the ways to enter:

1 – comment with a money saving tip

2 – tweet the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so

3 – post the link on your facebook and comment that you did so

4 – pledge in your head to do something nice for someone else and comment that you will do so 🙂

Make sure to comment seperately for each one – giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Sunday Jan. 27th at noon – good luck everyone.

103 Replies to “Big coupon giveaway!! :)

  1. Use a credit card for purchases that earns points or rewards. For example PC mastercard. Have saved over $1000 in free groceries!!

    • I wish I knew what stores would let me stack coupons out here. Most of our big shopping places are Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Sobeys, Canadian Tire, and Rona… :\

      • I think only London Drugs lets us stack coupons in Winnipeg. And then the wording has to be right. Coupons that state that they cannot be combined with another coupon can’t be stacked.

  2. Money saving tip: Warm up the car for just 30-60 seconds before leaving, and keep a car blanket to wrap around your knees until the car warms up.

  3. Today I made my own laundry detergent. This is the second batch I’ve made and I’m amazed how long it lasts….and how much money I’ve saved!

  4. Plan your shopping with making a list.
    I view the flyers for the week ahead then look for coupons that I have for the items I might be buying or things that are on sale.

  5. $$$ Saving Tip: Keep a Clipboard hanging on the inside door of your pantry!
    When you take out the next to last of any Staple stockpile Item, write it on the clipboard!
    This gives you more TIME to keep your eyes peeled for the best deals,
    or to swap out any Extra items you have for those you need 🙂

  6. I pledge to do something totally awesome and amazing – But because of how awesome this awesome and amazing thing will be – It’s taken lots of planning 😀 SOOOOOOOO in the mean time, I may continue to do little things.

  7. Purge my daughters closets and sold her out grown clothing this week, making a few bucks and put that into their savings or use it for next summer wardrobe

  8. I just went through all the closets in my house and donated 8 garbage bags of clothing to the Canadian diabetes association clothesline department!

  9. My only real money saving tip is investing in a programmable thermostat, super handy, super easy, and it does make a difference on the hydro! 😀

    • Absolutely!

      Low-flow shower head and kitchen faucet aerators are great too. Can’t believe how much longer our hot water lasts for showering with the low-flow. 🙂

  10. If you prefer to use a credit card, get one that gives you points for groceries, like the PC card, and get free groceries once you make enough purchases!

  11. I had already posted (on a coupon site that I’m on) that in January I will be donating a bunch of stockpile overflow items etc at the end of the month(will be going to Union Gospel Mission which runs a womens shelter)

  12. Buy items in bulk that you use regularly.
    Organize your fridge/cupboards/pantry so that you can see what you all have and use it first before buying more.

  13. Purchase meat in the Clearance section. Double check dates if a few days before expiring, store in freeze till ready to use. Plane one or two meals a week “meatless”. Make soups with dried beans, or even canned beans if purchased on a good sale. This along can save $5-$25 per meal depending on type of meat.

  14. Plan your menus around what you already have on hand. A few times a year, clean out the food items you have in your freezer/cupboards and work them into your meals until they are all gone. Throwing food out because it has expired is not a savings. It’s a waste of money.

  15. Keep your coupons with you (or at least in your car!) at all times! You never know when you’ll stumble upon an unadvertised deal you can make even better with coupons!

  16. Comment # 84 🙂 I pledge that I will do something nice for someone next time I see them… Can’t write what thou as they check out this site often LOL

  17. money saving tip – go shopping alone! leave the kids at home. I tend to buy more food & more snack foods when the kids ask for something.

  18. Try to avoid those frequent trips to the store for one or two items (you will end up leaving with much more!!) by stocking up on the items you use frequently (especialy when you find a deal ).

  19. Money saving idea. Do things that are fun and free with your family– play games, go sliding (in winter), hiking, camping, read books, do puzzles etc. Fun for all and very cheap.

  20. I’ve been behind a frazzled mom with tired kids in a grocery store, who has had to leave some groceries unpurchased due to economics. I’ve paid for these items (a reasonable amount) and told the cashier to tell her that it was her lucky day..the “grocery fairy” paid for her items. It’s such a good feeling giving a “hand up” to those who need it. I plan on doing this again soon.

  21. Money saving tip……. Stock up when items are on sale, using your coupons and a credit card that has benefits. THEN, avoid shopping and stay away from grocery stores as much as possible. THIS SAVES MONEY!!! I know this for sure as I broke my ankle in September and was in a wheelchair for 4 months. Hubby picked up milk and cream and any fresh fruits or veggies that we needed. Got my Mastercard bill..and it was the lowest it’s been in years!!!

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