Back to School with Hallmark Canada – Get Organized in Style.

14 Sep


September can be a rough month on parents and kids. New routine, new activities, new teachers and a lot of paperwork, meetings etc.

It’s a good time to sit down and get organized and Hallmark has great options for the whole family.

I love the daily planners and all the styles, from super professional to whimsical, with a lot of kid friendly options too.

Things run a lot smoother when everything is planned and written down.

I like all the options for notebooks too – I love jotting down things I might forget, ideas for all kinds of things and just general reminders and thoughts.


img_20160914_115149_editAlso a great idea for kids to document their year, bring one to school for writing down friends info and all kinds of things they’ll come up with.

There’s nothing my daughter loves more than a new notebook – she writes down all kinds of things and keeps them private in there. No peeking! 🙂

Another new fun thing they have are little mini cards, these are a fun way to send someone a note, without being very formal.


img_20160914_115129_editA little note for friends, family or coworkers – but also a fun way to send correspondence to a teacher or bus driver. Great way to introduce yourself to support staff at school etc.

They are really small, can fit in a pocket so fun for kids too when making new friends.

Everyone feels special when they get a card – fun project for kids to reach out to others too.


img_20160914_115205One thing I’ve always told my daughter since she started school and struggled to make friends – wear things that show off your personality. When someone comments on it, you’ll know you have something in common. These video game socks do exactly that! They are super cute and let the world know you are a gamer. She also got galaxy cat ones, which is such a fun way to show off some of who you are.

How have you been dealing with the back to school crunch?

And a fun tip – if you’re asking someone to help out with kids activities – like a friend or relative – prefill out a day planner with the times they’ve agreed too. Makes a nice gift and a thank you, and you know they won’t forget that way!

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