Baby Be Healthy program

12 Jan

Sobey’s has a program called Baby Be Healthy – apply for it as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. You have to visit your local sobey’s pharmacy to apply, and it’s from pregnancy until your baby is 1 year old. They will supply you with prenatal vitamins free of charge once a month, and also all kinds of helpful information via email.

It’s a great program, make sure to let pregnant friends know about it. There’s no info on their site about it, I had to email them, so probably best to just go in person and speak to the pharmacist.

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  1. Sobeys on Reenders does not have a pharmacy. Check out their website for list of stores with pharmacies (

    Check out their Facebook page for a few more details… sounds like the kits vary from store to store, and program is for people with 0-2 year olds.!/Sobeys

    Sobeys Hi Lauren, we do not have a standard welcome kit. It varies from store to store and varies over time. The kit may include product samples, coupons and baby related health information, as well as a Baby Be healthy tote bag, while quantities last. Please contact your local pharmacy for more information.

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