Arts Junktion in Winnipeg – perfect for all crafters!

30 Aug


If you love arts and crafts, make sure to check out Arts Junktion in the Exchange.

It’s a neat system – they accept donations and then you can go shop there by donation also. No items are priced, you weight your purchases at the end and then donate what you think is a good amount.

We went earlier this summer for the first time, it’s quite a large place and it’s a huge variety of items. The picture is what my daughter chose – a huge cardboard tube, so really good art paper and then some old menus. She repurposed the drink/dessert menu’s into art books since they had several pages. The large menus became frames for more artwork.

They update their facebook page often with new items they have in – they had a lot of paper, yarn, material, random items and pretty much everything else you can think of for crafting.

They also offer all kinds of workshops and events – all types of things too, so not set on one art style.

Their hours vary seasonally so it’s a good idea to double check before you go on their site.

It’s a great place to donate to if you’re cleaning out your craft items, or have some stuff that would be great for different kinds of projects too.

It’s a neat place to check out – amazing to see so many items being reused and repurposed and finding a new home. A good idea for some projects for the winter. And the fact that it’s by donation makes it affordable for all – it was neat to see kids getting to choose whatever they wanted as we walked around. They do have signs saying to only take what you’ll use, not to hoard items which is great too, just in case.


2 Replies to “Arts Junktion in Winnipeg – perfect for all crafters!

  1. What a great idea!!! It is just too bad that one or two people are going to end up ruining this for everyone. Someone is going to go in and get loads of stuff and end up selling the on Kiijii or wherever. I hate people letting their greed ruin something that would be great for so many especially those that could not afford much.

  2. Arts Junktion is a great place to take things that you no longer need, but someone else might make use of (including broken pretties like china and pottery, slightly damaged artwork that can be re-done/repurposed, broken jewellery, partially finished craft projects…) and also a great source of materials for daycares, schools, etc. They usually have loads of paper scraps, fabric scraps, and artwork (used cards, posters, etc.), reference magazines, etc.

    Puzzle pieces (great place to donate that puzzle that’s missing a few pieces, and keep it out of the landfill), playing cards, flash cards, fabric/carpet/tile samples… so many goodies just waiting to be re-purposed.

    Timing makes a big difference – sometimes I leave with a big bag full, sometimes I leave with almost nothing. In-demand items (quantities of yarn, quilting fabric, velcro, etc.) usually get snapped up pretty quickly.

    Please do make a small donation to cover the cost of maintaining the space. They estimate their operating costs at about $3/kg, even though materials are free, and they are mainly ‘staffed’ by volunteers.

    Yes, some people abuse the system, and others recognize its worth, and treat it more respectfully.

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