Another coupon giveaway!!

26 Jul

It’s a day to celebrate good friends so I’m having another coupon giveaway. First of all to celebrate the start of my new site, check it out at – a big thanks to one great friend for setting that up for me. We’re not done yet, it’ll be up and running very soon! And doesn’t it look amazing!!
And 2nd to celebrate another friend who surprised me with an amazing amount of good coupons!
So, I will share that with one lucky person – they will win over 100$ of awesome coupons – and by awesome, I mean super awesome!! Great grocery coupons, lots of everyday products like juice, cereal, yogourt, crackers etc.!! This lucky person will be able to chop their grocery bill down! :)
To enter, comment with a friend you want to celebrate, or something positive! :)
Contest open to all Canadians and will end Friday July 29th at noon!

19 Replies to “Another coupon giveaway!!

  1. I would like to celebrate summer!!! The weather, cottage time and lazy time with my kids is the best!

  2. I would like to celebrate being on holidays at the same time as my husband. 2 weeks of pure family time is going to be great!

  3. I’d like to celebrate family & friends because I am blessed with some great people in my life!

    As well as your new site! This looks amazing! Congrats!

  4. I would like to celebrate family. They are very important people, and sometimes they are just gone and there is no more time.

  5. I am just loving the coupon thing, I was just introduced and can’t wait to really have fun with it. Great site and look forward to seeing more.

  6. I would like to celebrate the generosity and friendly people of the city of Winnipeg. We’re a military family and have done many moves throughout the years but this city is the best! Your site is another great reason to love Winnipeg!

  7. Loving the great summer weather, learning the NEW ropes of couponing, etc. Know the OLD ropes, but NEW is good. Am teaching a good friend what I’m learning about couponing and NEW couponing, etc. Just visited my Dad out of town, hope to see him soon again, and spending some quality time with my friend, and when I’m not busy doing everything I have to do every day, am spending time with my little puppy here at home.

  8. Celebrating with family in from BC 🙂 as they trek across to Nova Scotia then return again in a few weeks time

  9. new site is terrific!!
    what a great summer..celebrating with hubby, sister, pets, friends and other family members. luv just sitting outdoors watching our family of baby squirrels, the chipmunks and all the birds that live in our forest-like backyard. storing up all the memories I can so I can look back at them during the long, cold winter.

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