Amazon Prime day coming up

28 Sep

Amazon has announced that their Prime days for this year will be October 13th and 14th!

This means there will be deals across the whole site, electronics, home goods – pretty much anything you can think of. Sort of like an early black Friday.

They also have special promotions and deals . Could be a great way to do some early Christmas shopping etc. always a good idea to check if you need something new on that day to see what the prices are like.

They are already announcing they will have special deals on Amazon music.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime and you’re on the fence, you can actually just pay for one month or the whole year. This also gives you access to Prime video which actually has a lot of really great TV shows and movies – kind of pays for itself right there.

You also get quick shipping with Prime too and all kinds of other perks.

I will post as we get closer what kind of deals come up and more to look forward for it!

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