Amazing Yummy Turkey and Bean Soup Recipe! You have to try this one!

25 Jan


If you want to feed your family a delicious and healthy meal for just a few dollars, you have to try this soup!

Super easy to make and you get a giant pot full of soup!

You’ll need some turkey, or you can even use a rotisserie chicken or just cook up one or two chicken breasts. I used some leftover turkey I had frozen – got the turkey for $10 and I probably used a dollar or two of meat for the whole pot! Some stock, homemade or store bought. A can of tomatoes, beans, some veggies and spices. I used celery, onion and carrots – didn’t take a lot and really stretched out.

I found this package of beans at Co-op for $1.16! You just have to bring them to a boil for one minute, let it sit for an hour and you’re ready to go. No need to soak them overnight. I fried up the veggies a bit and added them in. Chopped up the turkey, added my can of tomatoes and then some stock and water. Let it simmer all day long and it was ready. That’s it!

IMG_20160125_173610_editThe entire pot cost me under $10 to make and it’s enough for a few dinners and lunches for our family – I made some buns to go with it too.

The bean mix is great, really filling and adds all kinds of great flavours.

With grocery prices on the rise, soups and stews are a great way to make some affordable and delicious meals, and always a welcome dinner with cold weather!

This is great for dinner, and of course for lunches. Soup is always great the next day too! You could even freeze it in batches for quick meals too.

Or pop all the ingredients into the slow cooker for a meal that’s ready when you get home!

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