All Manitoban Giveaway week!!

12 Nov

With the holidays quickly approaching I wanted to showcase a bunch of local companies for some great gift ideas! There will be 2-3 giveaways every day all week, all from Manitobans! Some of the prizes will be local pickup only (store), some can ship only in Manitoba and some will be shipped cross Canada so make sure to read the rules. Each one will have instructions on how to enter, and will last around 24 hrs each to give everyone a  chance to enter! So, make sure to spread the word, the first day starts soon. 🙂

7 Replies to “All Manitoban Giveaway week!!

  1. thanks guys! Fun to be able to show off all kinds of great Manitoban businesses – and hope that people find some good gift ideas. Shop local! 🙂

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