Airmiles in store redemption

7 Feb

If you’ve checked into your airmiles account recently you will notice there are two types of rewards now – cash rewards for in store redemptions, and dream rewards for flights etc.  You can adjust your amount – like a certain percentage going to each, all to one and so on. Just log in to choose your amount.

You can redeem your airmiles in store now – in Winnipeg so far there are only 2 stores taking part in it, Shell and Rona. 95 airmiles are worth $10 off your bill right at the checkout! No waiting for a giftcard etc.  The site says you can redeem up to $750 in a day – if you have that many of course! 🙂

If you shop at Safeway, it’s very easy to earn free gas at Shell now – a simple spend $100 get 100 airmiles with another instore promo – and your $100 spent on groceries can easily get you $20 free at the pump! And if you’re doing home reno’s, or wanting to buy something new for summer etc. at Rona you can easily just save up your airmiles now for a big discount.

What does everyone think of the 2 levels of rewards now? Have you used your cash rewards in store yet?

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  1. I just did my first cash redemption at Shell the other day. Super easy! And just received another promotion from them as well 🙂 love airmiles!!

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