Airmiles deals this week!! Extreme Friday and Blue Friday!

19 Mar

If you’re an airmiles collector this is a great week to shop and earn a lot of them!!

Sobeys is having their Blue Friday event again! One day only coupon, spend $100 get 125 airmiles. Then there are tons of airmiles deals in store – like buy 5 kellogg’s items get 100 am, 3 black diamond cheese products get 100am, 3 specific purex items get 100 am, 4 bags of chips gets 50 am, 4 packs of bacon 50 am and so on! This is the perfect day to shop if you need to quickly top up your account for a last minute trip, or just to keep adding for a later date.

And what a coincidence 😉 Safeway is having a one day Extreme Friday airmiles event!! Friday only coupon for spend $100 get 125 am. Buy 2 cracker barrel get 100 am, 2 packs of chicken wings get 100 am, 5 kellogg’s gets you 100 am.

There’s several airmiles events too – Coca Cola one is buy 6 get 60 airmiles – juice, mini pops etc.

And then several for cleaning and household products.

I love doing our bigger shops on days like these – search out the best sales with airmiles that work for your family and stock up for a while. Easy way to earn a trip, or even cash back for your next shopping trip too. Remember that 95 airmiles gets your $10 off at the til at Safeway and Sobeys.

Which store are you planning on shopping at? Are you saving up your airmiles for a trip or a large reward of have you been cashing them out at the til?

2 Replies to “Airmiles deals this week!! Extreme Friday and Blue Friday!

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the airmile deals – this week I’ll be shopping at Sobeys. I collect & save up our airmiles for big rewards like flights/hotels and car rentals. Over the years, we have redeemed for other things like cameras & gaming consoles. I LOVE airmiles!

    • Same here Gail! 🙂 I love these big events, it’s crazy how much you can earn in one shop. Makes it nice and easy for us. And those are some awesome things to redeem for, we’ve done a few fun things too. Now saving up for a trip – hopefully within the year if they keep up these events.

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