A week of Firsts with the brand new #FordEcosport – including a Bison Safari!

19 Jul

Ford has a brand new vehicle making it’s way into North America – the Ecosport!

And since this was the first one in town, Ford challenged me to try some first’s of my own – a sort of never have I ever 🙂

First of all, I have to admit. That sideways opening door….. I was not a fan before trying it. I saw it and thought, who would want that? Ends up, it totally has it’s place and it’s advantages. Which really surprised me – I was expecting it to be a big pain all week long! If you know me, you know I love my big shopping trips, and with kids there’s always tons of loading and unloading.

So, let’s start our week off! We started with my obligatory trip to Bothwell to stock up on cheese – but I wanted to do one First while I was in the area! We finally went and checked out Prairie Pickers cafe! If you’re nearby or making my nearly famous loop of errands (cheese, oil, pasta) go check them out! It’s a restaurant/antique store/fun hangout – the prices are so good on food and the cool stuff in there! We all really liked it, relaxing atmosphere, and neat stuff to check out while you wait for the food.

Next day was when it was 40 something outside…so of course we hit Grand Beach! Not a first, but it was a blast! Cool down in the water, lay out in the sun – and we were able to fit everything we brought in the Ecosport….including a giant cookie inflatable we bought at the beach. The first for the day was using the Ecosport as a change room – it’s a small vehicle…but room for 3 to change! 🙂 Now, that is a plus and a time saver.

A lot of our firsts this week were food related – first time at Ihop in Winnipeg, first time at Qdoba, kiddo’s first time at Wendy’s – when there’s a heat wave, I don’t cook. So, we went out to eat a lot, and zipping around the city in the Ecosport was super fun!

So, back to that door – once you figure out there’s a button in the handle, then it’s easy to open. Loaded and unloaded a few times with the family, was still on the fence. After a few bigger grocery trips by myself I got the magic of it…..no hunching over!!! Huge box – goes in straight, comes out straight. I’m not super tall, but with a regular hatch that opens up, I always find you have to hunch into it. Not horrible normally, but with heavy stuff a bit of a pain. It’s really kid friendly too, no banging someone on the head with it. And they don’t have to reach up really high to close it either.

I figured the door would be in traffic when I was at Costco – that was one of my biggest negative thoughts on it when I saw it. Ends up, the car is so small you could almost fit two of them in a parking spot….no joke. I actually had to get out and walk around it a few times cuz I kept seeing so much space in front and in back. You don’t notice how small it is with people in it at all, just when you park it. So, the door was always in the spot…even at home I never had to walk into the backlane or anything – that was what I loved the most about it for sure! Well, that and how little gas we used! That’s always my fave when gas is so expensive like it is right now.

So, back to more firsts – kiddo got her first electric guitar and that and the amp fit perfectly in the EcoSport!

Our real Big First of the week though was the Bison Safari at Fort Whyte! This was so cool! Kiddo and I loved it! You buy your tickets online and meet up in the center – then all 20 of you get on a bus – which has ac by the way too! They drive you right into the pasture for the bison! Then you get to see them right up close, it was pretty amazing! The tour guide gives you so much info, and they pass around horns and fur etc.   They drive around so everyone gets a good view, then they open the doors and one by one you get to go to the front and take some pics – as long as the bison don’t rush the doors! It was educational, fun, and totally something to experience! There’s no walking involved, perfect for kids and seniors too. Really neat to get to see them in so much detail. Standing at the fences, you can only see so much – this you drive right up. I took a ton of pics, so if you want to see more of them, follow me on Instagram and I’ll be adding them there!

After our week of firsts, here are my thoughts on the EcoSport. So, first of all it’s sort of like a mini Escape. There’s room for 4 really comfortably and still plenty of room in the back for all your stuff. It’s great for a couple, single person or a family with just 1 or 2 kids. Perfect for zipping around the city but holds it’s own on the highway. It’s really easy to drive, and perfect for anyone who hates to park. I was parallel parking this thing everywhere we went without even using the camera – just right in. Which for me, is saying a lot! I’m the person who normally will drive to another block to find a bigger parking spot!

The side opening door really surprised me – it sort of has a retro type feel, and it somehow won me over!

A big thanks to Ford for this fun week of firsts – and expect to see a ton of these EcoSports around the city soon!

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