7-Eleven Game Day Meal! #WhoKnew

by Nadine on February 3, 2017


If you’re looking for something different while watching the Big Game, or if you’re like me and love a quick meal you don’t have to cook on a busy night – check out the Game Day Meal from 7-Eleven.

I had no idea they had big meals like this, our usual trip to Sev is for a Slurpee, or some snacks. This is a limited time deal until February 28th, and it’s available 24/7 which is pretty neat. They sent me a few of these to test out from our local store at Kenny and Marion (great store btw!) – and here are my honest opinions.

For $19 you get a large pizza, 10 wings, 10 wedges and a bottle of Coke.

IMG_20170201_170752I was a bit curious for the pizzas…and pleasantly surprised they’re hand assembled, and cooked right in the stores as needed. The Buffalo Chicken pizza was super yummy – I would have no clue it was from 7-Eleven and if it was a blind taste test I would have guessed our local pizza shop. Tons of toppings and cheese and super flavourful. The BBQ Bacon one was also a big hit.

I’m a huge chicken wing fan, but I normally find them to be crazy expensive, so getting 10 with a meal like this is awesome. The honey garlic ones were great, again, they tasted like from every other place I’ve had wings. Usually I find the honey garlic sauces to just be too sweet and this one was perfect. Super sticky and flavourful, but not insanely sugary.

You also get potato wedges – these were good, not much you can say about potato wedges. 🙂 Good kid friendly add on for sure. Especially with some dips.

IMG_20170201_171227All in all I was pleasantly surprised. For our family of 3 this was a big dinner, and then leftovers for lunch. We will be getting this again for sure before the end of the  month. I love that you don’t have to pre-order, just walk in and get a huge meal for under $20. Perfect for a late night snack and lunch leftovers, for a family dinner, while watching sports – or just something quick to grab on a busy night. Pizza is the best for next day lunches!

I really had no clue that 7-Eleven sold so many pizzas and wings – in 2016 they sold 18.3 million wings in Canada and 2.2 Million pounds of pizza!

Have you tried their pizza and wings? Let me know which flavours are your favourite and what we should try next!

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