50% off sale at Fabricland

9 Mar

This weekend only Fabricland is having 50% off almost everything in the store.  This is a great time for sewers/crafty people and NON crafty people to stock up and save.

Fabricland not only sells fabric and notions for the crafty but you can also pick up ready made drapery panels, throw pillows, and other home decor type items.

If you are semi-crafty or super crafty then I find that purchasing fabric especially on sale can save you a ton of money later on.   One of my very simple, no sew baby gifts (that are always a hit by the way) are fleece baby blankets.  I buy 2 one meter pieces of fleece.  I cut 1 inch strips about 4 inches long all around the outside edges then just knot the sides together and voila!  A beautiful fleece baby blanket that babies and parents love.  The fleece right now was all at least 50% off.  A lot of it was priced from $9/m to about $13/m and there were tons of licensed and other great prints still available (at the Pembina location).

For the frugal and crafty folks with babies, Fabricland just got in some PUL fabric. (I have no idea what that stands for by the way. 🙂 ) It’s waterproof fabric available in prints and solids to make diaper covers, change pads, bibs, wet bags, snack bags, etc.  There was a whole section beside the fabric with all coordinating Babyville Boutique products.  They had instructional books on how to make cloth diapers and other baby essentials, coordinating elastic, velcro, snaps, tags, appliques, etc.  And all included in the 50% off sale.  I don’t know how economical it would really be to make your own cloth diapers plus I’m a little afraid that I’m not quite that crafty yet but I did buy a book and some fabric to make a change pad, some wet bags and some snack bags.

As always remember that Fabricland is a time vortex.  Don’t go when you’re in a rush and don’t go with kids (unless you’re really crazy). 🙂   There was tons of staff on this afternoon and the line-ups were very fast moving.  Now I’m off to work on my new projects.  Wish me luck!

4 Replies to “50% off sale at Fabricland

  1. Just wanted to mention that the sale is only for members – but getting a card usually pays for itself right away if you’re shopping a sale like this :). I’d also recommend just double checking that the PUL is food safe, as I don’t think all of it is! Thanks for the reminder of the sale – everyone loves 50% off!

  2. That’s a good point Frugalmama. You do need a membership. All memberships expire in December so if you buy later in the year it’s cheaper. I heard the cashier say it was $17 now I think. There are also student memberships.

    Also very good point on the PUL. I would have never thought of that. Do you know how I would find out?

  3. PUL is polyurethane laminate. From some quick research it seems rather inconclusive on food safety. PUL is the stuff in cloth diaper covers and wet bags. I did find a lot of people making them for food storage bags too. I’d say its a case of personal choice. Any sort of plastics have risks associated with them, but for most people the convenience out weighs everything else.

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