$5 Mystery boxes at Michael’s

27 Feb

If you have been looking forward to getting a Christmas mystery box from Michaels, make sure to check your local store tomorrow. I would recommend even phoning them today to double check before heading out.

If you are new to these, they package up all the leftover seasonal items several times a year, they box them up or in bags and it’s $5 each.

These sell out very very quickly, if you can’t get there before the store opens to line up, odds are you won’t be getting one.

Not every store will be participating for this one as they were very low on stock already.

But most stores across Canada are scheduled for February 28th for these.

If you do go on Monday morning, be sure to let me know if you found anything amazing!

They do these several times a year, I always post them up before. And if I do go I always post what I get. They have been doing them for at least 10 years in winnipeg, so lots of opportunities for deals. Can be for Christmas stuff, halloween, fall and many other holidays throughout the year.

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