5 Cheap Ways to Protect Your Winnipeg Home from Pests

27 Jun
Employing a few preventive measures makes it easier to keep pests away from your home.
While all pest control specialists are happy to help homeowners get rid of vermin and other pests, they
also like to help people stop infestations before the trouble starts. Along with cleaning inside
regularly, here are five other strategies that will reduce the potential for pests to find their way
Keep the Yard Tidy
Many pest control experts from Responders Winnipeg pest control company advise to begin the pest control effort outdoors. Mowing, hedge trimming, and weeding prevent pests from being attracted to the property. There are certain plants that are natural pest repellants; including them in your flower beds and islands will also
help. If there is any junk laying around the yard, it needs to go. By keeping the grounds neat and
tidy, there are less areas where roaches, vermin, and other pests can congregate.
Check for Cracks and Other Tiny Openings Around the Home’s Exterior
Take a good look around the home’s exterior and see if you find any tiny openings. Be mindful
of cracks around the foundation, tiny spaces around the window frames, and even openings
around any outdoor electrical outlets. Those are are all excellent points of entry for various pests
in Winnipeg. Filling those cracks as part of your pest control plan is one of the easiest and
smartest things you could do.
Caulk Around Sinks and Pipes
Many pest prevention measures focus on minimizing wet spots in the home. This is because any
types of pests thrive in damp conditions. While you checked the basement and it’s perfectly dry,
are you sure about the spaces around the sinks, fixtures, and pipes? Look closely and you may
find more open spaces than you expected. A little caulk will seal those tiny spaces and ensure
nothing can use them to gain access to the home.
Create a Dining Station for the Dog
Many homeowners never consider how stray bits of dog food will attract pests. You can
minimize the problem and do something special for your pet at the same time.
Invest in a tray with spaces for the water and food bowls. Fill the food bowl halfway with water,
then float a smaller bowl containing food in that space. This minimizes the chance for food to
end up on the floor and attracting ants. Even if pests do get into the home, many of them won’t
cross the water to get to the food.
Place the tray on a rubber mat to make cleaning up easier. Consider elevating the tray so the dog
doesn’t have to bend over as far to eat or drink. That creates less stress on the pet’s neck and also
makes it harder for some pests to reach the food.
Have an Annual Inspection
Combine your efforts with arranging for an annual home inspection by one of the local pest
control companies in Winnipeg. The expense is less than you think, and the expert may see early
warning signs of an infestation. If so, it will be easier to get rid of the pests now than it will be in
a few months. That same expert may spot one or two other things you can do to keep the pests at
You don’t have to live with pests in the home. If it’s been some time since the property was
inspected, call one of the Winnipeg pest control experts today. Between your efforts and those of
a reliable pest control company, the chances of never seeing a pest are quite high.

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