4 Safe and Productive Ways to Stay Busy at Home

12 Apr

After a year of being in a pandemic, it’s understandable that people are tired of being at home without seeing their friends and family. While “pandemic fatigue” is real, everyone must continue practising social distancing and otherwise complying with the other recommendations made by health experts.

As spring weather gets warmer, more people will take to the parks and streets to be outside. Still, it’s helpful to have a few safe, fun, and productive activities you can do from home in your back pocket.

1. Sell Merch Online

Do you have a passion you’d like to share on social media, a website, or a podcast? Create content, carve out a brand and an audience, then sell merchandise online. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to print on demand with a Canadian print provider near you and do it all safely from home.

Stay busy sharing your hobbies or passions, then connect with supporters and fans in a way that nets you some revenue by selling thoughtful merchandise. The platform you connect with will handle logistical headaches like dropshipping and order fulfillment, so you can make money while sticking to doing what you love.

2. Puzzles and Logic Games

Looking for busywork that will keep your mind sharp? There’s a whole host of logic-type games that will endlessly occupy your mind. Order jigsaw puzzles or a book of crosswords or Sudoku problems online to keep busy. Some Tetris-style video games make for an excellent way to pass the time while keeping you thinking.

Many people have struggled during the pandemic to keep their concentration high during work and recreation, so perhaps games may be a fun way to use your brain.

3. Learn Something New

If your brain shows no signs of rust or weariness, why not take the downtime to learn some new skill? There are tools to help you learn a new language online, or perhaps you can finally read that tome that’s been sitting there on your shelf for years.

If you have a guitar, bass, or keyboard that’s been collecting dust, get it in tune and learn to play! When the vaccine rollout is complete, you’ll be ready to jam with friends and take gatherings to a whole other level.

4. Exercise

It’s important to stay active and healthy, especially after a long and cold winter. If you’re running or exercising outdoors, wear a mask and stay socially-distanced. Going out can be refreshing and make you feel wonderful, but be safe.

If you feel more comfortable remaining indoors, that’s fine! You can do free weights or callisthenics: you don’t need a lot of equipment. Get your steps in each day, and try to work out other parts of the body too.

Nothing is more important than society’s collective health, but there are safe and productive things you can do to improve your mental health, keep sharp, and even make some money. If you’re feeling bored at home, hopefully, one of the above tips will help you.

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