4 At-Home Ways Seniors Can Make Extra Money

8 May

One cliché about retirement that you often hear trumpeted in media and in conversation is that it’s relaxed. Retirement is carefree, unrestrained and free of any need to work. Unfortunately, for many seniors, that isn’t quite the case.

Financial struggles may exist throughout one’s life, at different times, and retirement is no different. For many, an extra income source is a necessity, a way for seniors to ensure proper quality of life. For others, the extra income is more about keeping oneself active and financially earning – after all, one’s drive doesn’t go away upon retirement.

Whatever the reason, there are ways to earn added income in retirement. Further, there are ways you can add income right from the comfort of your own home; with these four ideas, you can concurrently reap the benefits of home health care services and make some extra cash, ensuring your retirement is both healthy and financially secure.

Own an Internet Shop

Stores don’t need to be brick and mortar anymore. In fact, there is a momentous trend toward online shopping worldwide, meaning that now’s the time to open an online store. You can either handcraft your own wares, selling things like handmade jewelry, clothing and crafts over sites like Etsy, or you can buy products to sell online, over platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce. The latter route will require you making connections with wholesalers, jobbers, etc., but that shouldn’t be difficult. Best of all, the whole enterprise can be localized right in your own home.



Offer Your Proofreading Services

Do you have a keen eye for grammar, syntax, spelling and language? If so, consider applying for an at-home proofreading job. Essentially, a company (or individual client, like a student) will send you writing of some kind, and your job is to pore over it, removing any mistakes. These writings might be press releases, articles, advertising copy, manuscripts… the list goes on.

Do a Few Surveys

On the pay spectrum, this entry falls more toward “a little extra pocket change” rather than “a meaningful source of income”. That said, here is a list of sites that pay money for simply taking surveys online. It might not pay a ton, but it’s an easy way to pass time, and could make a small difference when bills are due.

Try Tutoring

Do you have a special skill that’s in-demand? Maybe you can play the piano well, or you have a sharp mind for mathematics. Maybe you speak a second language, or speak your first language so well that you can teach others eager to learn. Tutoring allows you to make money and pass your skills down to the next generation. Read this informative article on how to become a tutor, which discusses how to plan curriculum, how to advertise, how to set your rates, and other pertinent information.

Even though you are retired, you might still have to – or want to – work. Try one of these four at-home jobs, which you can do regardless of mobility, and simultaneously with home health care. Here’s to the next exciting entry on your résumé.

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