$10 Mystery boxes at Michaels

28 Feb

Yesterday Michaels put out their $10 mystery boxes.

I shared it on Facebook, but I didn’t go in to get any. They usually sell out very quickly, often in minutes.

Well here we are 24 hours later and they still have a lot left. Below is what they still had left at opening on Tuesday at the regent location in Winnipeg.

Of course, all stores have different stock and different items in them.

If you’re new to these, they used to be $2 bags about 10 years ago. Then they went up to $5 mystery boxes, and last year they changed them to $10 a box. The price increase might explain why they haven’t been selling as quickly as usual. But also just from this picture, they definitely have a lot more than they’ve ever had in previous years. They seem to have combined several holidays together, people are getting items from Christmas, Valentine’s Day and just random things from the store.

I got two boxes, one smaller and one larger and below is what I got.

The smaller box had three Santa cookie jars and that was it.

The large box was jam packed full of good items. So many garlands and lots of things I will be donating too.

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