10 Fun Websites to check out for the Holidays!

4 Dec


If you’re getting organized for the holidays and looking for some fun websites to check out with the family, here are some great ones:

– Tracking Santa is a lot of fun – the Norad site is a great one for this! There’s music, a countdown, games and much more!

– If you plan on singing some Christmas Carols, this site has the lyrics, music, poems and more. Always fun to have some printed out and ready to go.

– For some fun recipes and all kinds of edible ornaments, Christmas Recipes has you covered. These are really neat, Santa shaped treats, gingerbread house, 12 days of pancakes and much more! Some really good ideas for holiday fun food!

Martha Stewart of course has all kinds of holiday themed items if you’re feeling crafty. Some of them aren’t that hard and they’re all really beautiful. It can be a lot of fun to preplan one of these, pick up all the items you need (or scavenge outdoors for some) and sit down together as a family to craft.

– If you forgot to send out Christmas Cards, e-cards are better than nothing! They can be a lot of fun, and 123 Greetings has some really great choices! All the way from classic to totally silly!

– If you’re looking for printables, All Things Christmas has a lot to choose from! Make your own advent calendars and cards, crafts, decorations and some stuff just for kids too.

Christmas.com is another great site – make a family page, a wishlist, and all kinds of fun stuff. Lots of great articles and info for staying organized at the holidays.

– If you’re looking for printables for colouring, this is a great site. Hundreds and hundreds of printable pages – something to keep kids busy and have fun during the holidays.

Northpole.com has a huge variety – fun stuff for the kids, recipes, crafts, things for the kids to read, printables and much more!

– For a ton of kids stuff, Enchanted Learning has a lot to choose from. Lots of super simple craft ideas for the kids!

What are your favourite holiday sites? Any favourite crafts or recipes to share?

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